We had a wonderful time in the UK and, despite the very wet winter and late spring, we felt that the notorious British weather was fairly kind to us. On the most important day of our trip, Jonno and Bex’s wedding, the sun certainly shone. Our elder son, Jonathan married his gorgeous girlfriend of many years in the pretty village of Fulbeck in Lincolnshire where Bex was brought up. It was a very special, relaxed and happy day shared with friends and family and we could not be more delighted to have Bex in the family.

We did the inevitable traveling around the country, but were also able to get some decent stretches in Fowey where we were able to unpack for a while and do some lovely walks in the spring sunshine – Fowey at its best! Mind you, it also gave us time to contemplate and think about what we do and where we go next. We do like living on Tulu in Thailand, but we are not sure if we want to stay too long. Our options would be to sail to through the Red Sea to the Med (too risky in our view), ship Tulu to Turkey (too expensive) or sail to South Africa, round the Cape and back across to the Caribbean (another few years and still a long way from home). We now feel that the time is right to get a bit closer to home and we are very keen to spend time in Europe. Despite this, we are not ready to give up boating yet so we have made the decision to try to sell Tulu in Asia and, if we succeed, to buy a barge in which we will cruise the inland waterways of Europe. To this end we did spend quite a bit of our visit home looking at various options and watched, over several visits, a barge being built by Bluewater Boats in Warwickshire. We also took an overnight trip to view a barge in Belgium and visited the WWI trenches and the Menin Gate in Ypres. A new build by Bluewater is our most likely choice.

We are now back in Phuket for the antifouling, polishing and servicing of Tulu before she was launched back in the water. We have been out at anchor for a bit, but are primarily in Phuket Yacht Haven marina. It is the rainy season (and oh my how it rains here!) so we are quite happy fixing all the little niggles that we have put up with and sprucing her up for her to be put on the market with a couple of brokers. That done, we are now going to take the opportunity to do some land travel and head off to Cambodia and Vietnam next week.

Who knows whether we shall manage to sell Tulu here, but we shall give it a go. Watch this space……..